Rules and Regulations

Annandale Swim & Tennis Club Rules and Regulations are listed below.  Please click AST_Rules_and_Regulations_100606 if you would like to download a copy.

A. Eligibility

  1. Current AS&T members who have paid their annual maintenance fee are eligible to use the AS&T facilities according to their membership.
    1. Tennis Only Members may only use the tennis courts.
    2. Family, Single, Senior Citizen, and AS&T Board Members have use of all AS&T facilities.
  2. New members of AS&T – Annual maintenance fee for the first year is included in the AS&T initiation fee.
  3. AS&T members who have not paid their current annual maintenance fee are not eligibility to use AS&T facilities, including the tennis courts, even as a guest of another member.
  4. Past members can use AS&T facilities if they have: (1) sold back their stock, (2) moved out of the area, or (3) have not been a member for at least three years. Past members not meeting these criteria are not eligible to use AS&T facilities, even as a guest of another member.

B. AS&T Club Manager Authority

  1. The AS&T Club Manager is delegated the authority to approve waivers to these rules on a case-by case basis.
  2. In the case of a dispute in the interpretation of these rules, the AS&T Club Manager’s decision shall be the official interpretation. Persons disagreeing with the AS&T Club Manager’s decision may appeal to the President, AS&T.
  3. The AS&T Club Manager is delegated authority to exclude any person from the facility if such action is deemed necessary for the safety of other persons or to maintain dignity and decorum.
  4. The AS&T Club Manager shall report all serious violations of the rules and regulations to the President, AS&T.
    1. Violations which involve property damage or personal injury will be reported in writing to the AS&T Board of Directors.
    2. The Serious Violation report will document all facts and names of all witnesses.
    3. Any serious violation of these rules shall be grounds for suspension of the violator’s privileges for the balance of the season without refund of any fees or monies paid, provided that such suspension may be affected only by the Board of Directors in accordance with the bylaws.

C. General

  1. All persons must obey the instructions of the AS&T staff and all AS&T rules, regulations and policies
  2. No person shall use the facilities or pool unless it is officially open to the membership except when:
    1. participating in Swim or Dive Team practice or meet,
    2. part to a rental activity,
  3. Children, eight (8) years of age and under, will not be permitted to be left at AS&T, at any time, without direct supervision by a member who is at least fifteen (15) years of age. Members will ensure that children, nine (9) years of age and older, are supervised in accordance with the “Guidelines for Supervision of Children” as published by the County of Fairfax Child Protective Services. These guidelines are incorporated by reference.
  4. Members cannot leave their children at the pool between morning team practices and the opening time of the pool.
  5. Members assume full responsibility for their guests in adherence to all rules and regulations. Children of guests will only be permitted to use AS&T facilities under direct supervision of a member who is at least fifteen years of age.
  6. Members and guests are prohibited from bringing the following items onto AS&T property unless they have received permission from the Club Manager:
    1. Glass bottles or dishes
    2. Alcoholic beverages
    3. Pets.
  7. The following activities are prohibited:
    1. Climbing any fence on AS&T property or the tennis backboard.
    2. Smoking in the bath house, board room, front desk, guard room, and within the fenced pool area
    3. Loitering near the lifeguard stations or front desk
    4. Engaging lifeguards in conversation while they are on duty in the pool area

D. Swimming and Diving

  1. Fairfax County Health Department Standards require the following: Those using the pool must take a cleansing shower before entering the pool; after using the toilet, a
    shower must be taken before reentering the pool; and, a foot shower will be taken by all persons entering the pool deck, regardless of whether they intend to enter the pool or not.
  2. Persons with skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, nasal or discharge, or any communicable disease shall not be admitted. Band-aids and other bandages are not to be worn in the pool.
  3. Children who are not toilet trained must wear a diaper or plastic pants under their swimsuit.
  4. The following are never permitted in the pools or pool deck:
    1. cutoffs and street clothes
    2. standing or sitting on the shoulders of another person;
    3. spitting or sprouting water or nose blowing
    4. nose blowing
    5. ducking; rough play; water wrestling; shoving another into the water
    6. running on the pool desk
  5. Kickboards, tubes, rafts, water balls, water games, masks, fins, and snorkels are permitted (except in the diving area), only if the lifeguard approves.
  6. Diving is never permitted in the three and four foot depths of the pool.
    1. Swimmers are permitted, at their own risk, to wear eyeglasses while swimming; provided the lenses of the case-hardened type and that some device is worn to prevent their loss in the water. Persons wearing glasses may not participate in diving activities.
  7. Use of the baby pool is restricted for use by children six (6) years of age and under. Children shall not be left unattended. Parents are responsible for children in the wading pool and are to insure that a responsible person is in attendance with their children at all times.
  8. An adult swim break, for members and guests eighteen (18) years and up, is given every hour, on the hour, for fifteen minutes. During this break, no one under 18 years is allowed in the large pool Q!.. on the deck. The only exception is that children under age of two (2) will be permitted in the large pool, but only in the arms of a supervising adult.
  9. Use of the main pool by children, is further governed by the following rules:
    1. All children eleven (11) year of age and younger must pass a swim proficiency test if requested by the AS&T Club Manager or life guard in order to be permitted to use the pool unattended. The free test, given throughout the season, will require that the child be able to: swim 100 feet, back float for 30 seconds, and tread water for one minute. This test is in accordance with basic Red Cross swim requirements.
    2. Children eleven (11) years of age or younger who cannot pass a swim proficiency test, may only use the pool when directly supervised by an individual who is at least 15 years of age. Direct supervision means either in the water with, or, if deck supervised, within two feet of the child. Again, the swim proficiency test can be given any time by an off-duty AS&T lifeguard.
    3. Children wearing flotation devices of any kind are not permitted beyond the five foot depth of the pool.
  10. Use of the diving board and diving area is governed by the following rules:
    1. Children who have passed the swim proficiency test and members and guests twelve years of age and older may use the diving board. Children eleven years of age and younger who have not passed the swim proficiency test, will not be permitted in the dive area, regardless of whether an adult is with them or not.
    2. In addition, the following is not permitted: General swimming in the diving area; diving to either side of the board; more than one person on the board at a time; diving before the previous diver has cleared the diving area; hanging onto the diving board; more than one bounce on the board; and flotation devices of any kind.
  11. Lifeguards will, at their discretion, require any individual to leave the pool for safety, health, or other rule violations. Individuals may only appeal the lifeguard’s decision to the AS&T Club Manager (or the On Duty Club Manager in his absence).

E. Tennis

  1. Use of the Courts is governed by the following rules:
    1. Use of the courts is restricted to eligible members and paying guests. For purposes of these rules, a member is defined as a family unit. No more than four (4) players are allowed on a court, excluding clinics, lessons and team practice:).
    2. Court time is scheduled on the hour (except team practice matches and tournaments which may be scheduled on the 112 hour). Singles play is limited to one hour and doubles play to two hours, although either may be extended provided that no one is waiting for the court.
    3. When one court is being used for league matches, the other court may not be used for club play.
    4. Tennis courts are open during regular operating hours. Members will not permit access to the courts during non-operating hours to persons without a key.
    5. Court reservations for team practice or matches will be made at least 72 hours in advance. Team reservations have priority over individual reservations. The person making the team reservation must notify the individuals affected. If this is not done, the individual will have the right to use the courts.
    6. Access to the courts during non-operating hours or dates is available by key for which a $15.00 deposit is required. This key may not be loaned or duplicated.
  • Reservation System
    1. Reservations are made by signing at or calling into the front desk. The reservation sheet for the day will be posted on the court each morning. Reservations may be made up to 72 hours in advance.
    2. Last names and initials of all players must be listed on the reservation sheet either at the time of the reservation or when the court is actually used. A reservation is charged to the name of the first person listed.
    3. A member may make two (2) reservations in any five (5) day period. A reservation is invalid if both players have reserved a second hour together in the same day.
    4. A reservation is lost if a member is more than ten (10) minutes late for play.
  • Tennis Guests
    1. Tennis guests must be bona fide guests consistent with established AS&T policy.
    2. Fees for tennis guests during regular operating hours are the same as for other guests.
    3. Guests must be registered and paid for at the time of admission.
    4. At least one member must be present during any court use involving guests.
  • Tennis Etiquette/Behavior
    1. Appropriate attire is required for court use. This consists of shorts or slacks, tennis dress, shirt or blouse, and tennis shoes.
    2. Water only, in unbreakable containers, will be allowed on the courts.
    3. Generally accepted rules of tennis etiquette will be followed. Players will refrain from the use of vulgar language.

F. Management and Other Facilities

  1. Use of all other AS&T recreation facilities and equipment, including picnic tables, grills, and the Big Top are normally on a first come, first served basis. However, members who wish to use AS&T facilities for a party of over twelve (12) must make reservations with the AS&T Club Manager at lease 48 hours prior to use.
    1. Reservations must include the date, time, area, approximate number in the party, and equipment.
    2. Refuse and trash must be placed in the trash containers.
    3. It is the responsibility of the member to make sure that the picnic area is cleaned up after the use.
    4. Any issues or conflicts between members about the use of the AS&T Club facilities will be adjudicated by the AS&T Club Manager.
  2. All persons using AS&T facilities do so at their own risk. AS&T shall not be liable for loss of property, including valuables, or damage to persons or property caused by the acts or omissions of the injured party or other users of the facility of for the acts or omissions of any party other than it::; lawful agents or employees.
  3. Any damages or injuries to persons or property or other expenses caused by a violation of these rules and regulations, resulting in liability or loss to AS&T will be chargeable to the violator. Any suspension could be carried over to the following season. Any suspension may be appealed to the Board of Directors in writing.