Tennis Program

The Hidden Oasis is VERY excited to announce that we have acquired Tennis Pros, Mitchell Frank Tennis, to run our tennis program this summer. Mitchell Frank is a home-grown graduate of Annandale High School, the University of Virginia, a highly decorated tennis player, and he is thrilled to bring his team to AS&T. The best part is that our tennis fees will remain the same as last year… let me repeat OUR FEES WILL REMAIN THE SAME!  This is unheard of and if you ever dreamed of taking professional lessons but worried about the expense, now is the time to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Please see the team’s Bios and be on the lookout for registration opening up soon.

About our Programs

Youth Tennis

Looking for a sport to last your children a lifetime?  Our Youth Tennis Lessons teach children of all ages a love of the sport.  Starting with Youth Tennis Lessons children are introduced to the basic grip hold, strokes, and rules of the game in a fun, age-appropriate manner.  Level I and Level II move forward with an emphasis on more intricate stroke work and serving, as well as beginning match play.  Advanced Lessons will stress match play with a refinement of strokes and serving.  All these skills are mixed in with games to make the children’s experience both worthwhile and fun!

Visit the store to purchase Tennis Lesson registration.

Women’s Tennis

If you have always wanted to give tennis a try or just brush up on your skills, this is the perfect way to get back out on the court.

Women’s Tennis lessons are Sundays and run as six weeks for 1 1/2 hours. Lessons will cost $80 for the session.  

Visit the store to purchase Tennis Lesson registration.

For more information on Youth or Women’s Tennis, please contact: Becky Fornaris at